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About Our Worship



On our own, we are powerless to please God. God came to us in the person of Jesus Christ to live the life we could not live, die the death we should have died for our sins, and rise again on the third day to give us new life.


So it's all about God doing the work we could not do and giving us the new life that we couldn't create for ourselves. In worship, we come again and again to receive His forgiveness, life, and salvation in Word and Sacrament and then respond in thanks and praise for what God has done.


Our worship revolves around hearing the Word and responding in thanks and praise. Because God gives us life by His Word, the focus is His Word. Every hymn, canticle, and even the very structure of our service is based upon the Word of God.


In other words, worship isn't guided by what feels good to us, it is about receiving the gifts of God in the ways that our Lord has chosen to give them.


Our worship follows a pattern that is in accord with the Word of God and has been developed by Christians over the past 2000 years. This pattern is laid out in Lutheran Service Book, the hymnal published by our church body, The Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod. All our hymns come from this hymnal as well.

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